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This first entry is mainly for background and to explain why this blog exists at all. If you like a little background to your voyeurism then you might enjoy this. Otherwise, I suggest you skip to the next entry where the sex and violence will begin.


The name Dago was first given to me when I studied fencing at about age 16. It was one of the English people with whom I fenced and it was not given in bad taste as many English speakers might think. A harsh reality has always been preferred over a more palatable half-truth by both myself as well as those I considered friends along my way.

The boy who nicknamed me such did it in good-natured jest and I have no doubt he had no idea of the other Dago which had only a few years earlier also been born in the country of my birth and origin. . Much later, another man, whom knows considerably more of my story once again referred to me as Dago. This time though he specifically indicated that name due to the parallels of character he saw between the fictional character of the same name and my life.


Some of you might know who the Dago of the Italian Graphic Novels’ fame is. If so, the next paragraph will be of little interest to you.

Cesare Renzi was a noble Venetian whose family was exterminated by his traitorous best friend. Cesare barely survived but was taken into captivity and became a slave for years suffering untold humiliations and violence. Eventually he bought his own freedom thanks to that peculiar mixture of cunning, bravery and survival skill that in some respect is indeed a quality of the Byzantine mind of Venetians. Nicknamed Dago by his captors early on, he foregoes all other names and becomes a Janissary as a result of his release from slavery. Dago’s only purpose in life seems to be to wander where he will whilst also plotting his revenge. His way of doing this is rather unique. Though a driven man with an extremely passionate heart, he nevertheless does not permit anyone to get too close and though his mission is revenge, he does not pursue it in a straight line. Some encounters he has with people that care about him are quite poignant. He meets historical personages and influences historical events yet he remains anonymous as much as possible and he fades from the larger historical recall of events if not from the hearts of the individuals he comes into contact with. Dago’s character is not easy to summarise in a few words. In the profile is a link to an Italian Wikipedia entry which might shed more light. His adventures allow him to gradually exact his revenge on those responsible yet he seems to almost be foiled in these attempts multiple times by what at times seems to be an almost merciful or perhaps protective quality of fate which though not seen as such by Dago himself, might safeguard that tiny shred of self-compassion he keeps so tightly locked away inside himself he is mostly unaware of it.


Though Dago is essentially a fictional character, we do share a number of similarities:


  • o We are both Venetian
  • o We both lived for many years in Africa
  • o We both returned to Venice only many years later and could not stay, but still long to return there in some way even if maybe not to live permanently since neither of us could exist in only one place for very long
  • o We both have an ancient vengeance to exact
  • o We have both lived in violent ways and had rage deep inside us render us compassionless in youth
  • o We both gradually become more understanding and compassionate as we age but never really let go of our ability to use force, nor our curiosity to delve into human stories that would frighten most people
  • o We are both ambiguous about our relationship with God
  • o We have both lived, worked with and befriended from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich
  • o We count both criminals and pious men among our friends and acquaintances
  • o We both love women and their company
  • o Perhaps most telling, our psychology is almost identical. I often wonder at the creator of this character and how sometimes his creation seems to be plucked right out from the depth of me. Not just with his reactions and behaviours but even his sentiments.
  • o We can both be insufferably arrogant, though the more precise term from the Latin is Superbi. Arrogance is for those who think they can do something they cannot. Superbia is more precisely that arrogance exhibited by those who can do what they say and they make sure to rub your face in it without any modesty at all. It tends to infuriate certain people. Those filled with ego most of all. And we both revel in this effect.

But so what? Why should you care?

Well I am not so naïve to think you do care.

Like any blog, this is a kind of exposé of my life. It is purposely anonymous because as much as possible I want to reveal all in its truth. And though I shall keep the names and descriptions of places and people and events vague enough to make recognition at least very difficult if not impossible, the stories you will read here have all happened.

And there is enough sex and violence and intrigue to make it at least entertaining I hope.

For myself though, doing this is a kind of confessional. As ever distrustful of organised religions as I am of most human organisations, I nevertheless feel there may be some benefit in presenting my life such as it has been up to now to the teeming masses of the blogosphere.


Chaos theory in action. What more levelling a field that this?


And who is to say that in the reading of this and perhaps in the posting of a comment, some of you might not lead me to find some truth I need.


Or maybe, even something more than that.